Just some words

I love to consider myself an adventure lover and photography addict.
My other passions include running, climbing and skiing. Any excuse is good for being outdoors, I love long distances and I participated in running races up to 100 km in the high mountains, just for fun.
Photography: In 2014 I had a moment of glory when one of my photos received the honorable mention at the Oasis Photo Contest, one of the most important international wildlife photography competitions and it was featured as he cover of the “Oasis” magazine in December 2014.
I can speak English, French, and of course Italian (as well as some words of Spanish and other languages). I need to understand..

In 2012 I also volunteered in Kimbondo, a pediatrics that is also a shelter for orphans and disadvantaged people near Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For helping this people I often organize events to raise funds showing my pictures and telling my stories.

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